Fabergé silver dinner service for twelve

Available at Ridgewood Art Galleries - A rare Fabergé silver dinnerware set complete for twelve people. Finding a complete set is rare, incomplete sets do appear now and again, but this set is complete and all original, no pieces have been replaced. This is among the very few full sets that exist.

This set was purchased from Sotheby's London about ten years ago, the Sotheby's catalog page, as well as picture samples from the set are below. The set is described as follows:

A Fabergé Silver Dinner Service, Moscow, 1889 - 1908. 
All struck K. Febergé with Imperial warrant, of K.F,84 standard

12 - Table Forks
12 - Table Spoons
12 - Table Knives
12 - Dessert Forks
12 - Dessert Spoons
12 - Dessert Knives
12 - Salad Forks
12 - Salad Knives with Silver Blades
12 - Fruit Forks
12 - Fruit Knives with Silver Blades
12 - Cake Forks
12 - Cake Spoons
12 - Teaspoons
A Ladle
A Cheese Knife
A Cake Slice

Please notify us in advance for viewing requests as the item is at a bank vault.

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